Happy 2024 to all our esteemed clients and readers! As we step into this new year filled with hope and new beginnings, we at Knight & Knoxley are  greatly looking forward for the year ahead, ready to guide you through the exciting journey of the 2024 housing market.

The past year has been a rollercoaster for the real estate industry. With fluctuating market trends and unprecedented global events, property buying and selling has seen significant changes. But as we embrace 2024, we're looking at a market ripe with opportunities for buyers and sellers.

Understanding the 2024 Housing Market

The 2024 housing market presents a unique landscape. Interest rates are showing signs of stabilisation, and although we're not back to the historical lows of the early 2020s, they are far more predictable than in the recent past. This stability is a welcoming sign for potential homebuyers who have been on the fence, waiting for the right moment to dive in.

For sellers, the market remains robust. Property values have retained their strength, and while the frenzied bidding wars of previous years have simmered down, sellers can still expect a fair market value for their homes. The key in 2024 is strategic pricing and understanding the localised dynamics of your market.

Tips for Homebuyers in 2024

Assess Your Finances: Before you start house hunting, get a clear picture of your financial health. Understand your credit score and get pre-approved for a mortgage to streamline your buying process. Please get in touch with Brendon Kruger from Brighton & Hove Financial Consultants, our in-house mortgage advisor for any advice through email

Be Market-Savvy: Stay informed about the local market trends. Attend open houses, and don’t hesitate to ask us, your trusted estate agents, for insights and advice.

Think Long-Term: Consider properties that meet your current needs and have the potential for future value growth.

Advice for Home Sellers

Realistic Pricing: Set a competitive price that reflects the current market conditions. Overpricing can lead to your property lingering on the market.

Presentation is Key: Invest in minor repairs and staging. First impressions matter, and a well-maintained home can significantly boost its appeal.

Be Flexible: Be prepared for negotiations and open to different offers. Flexibility can lead to a quicker and more successful sale.

The Evolving Landscape of Home Design

As we step into 2024, home design trends continue to evolve. The modern homeowner is looking for more than aesthetics; functionality, smart home features, and spaces supporting work-from-home are increasingly in demand. Understanding these trends can help sellers make impactful updates and assist buyers in identifying properties that meet modern lifestyle needs.

Community and Location: The New Decision Makers

More than ever, homebuyers are considering the community and location as primary factors in their decision-making process. Proximity to amenities, quality of local schools and neighbourhood culture is becoming just as important as the home itself. For sellers, highlighting your location's and community's advantages can be a crucial selling point. Buyers, on the other hand, should consider the long-term impact of the neighbourhood on their lifestyle and property value.

Embracing Change and Challenges

The 2024 housing market, like any other, will have its set of challenges and changes. As experienced estate agents, we are here to help you navigate these waters. Whether it's understanding the legalities, managing financial transactions, or simply offering a listening ear to your concerns, we are here every step of the way.


As we venture into 2024, let's embrace the opportunities and overcome the challenges together. With a balanced market, evolving home designs, and a growing emphasis on community and location, this year promises to be exciting for the real estate sector.

We all at Knight & Knoxley wish you a Happy New Year filled with prosperity, joy, and successful property ventures. Here's to a fantastic 2024 in the housing market.

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