Between Boxing Day and the onset of 2023, Rightmove experienced an unprecedented surge in home mover activity. Rightmove recorded a remarkable 23% increase in buyer interest during the recent festive season compared to the year before.

This surge in activity is attributed to several factors. Over Christmas, many individuals reevaluate their circumstances, contemplating a location change—shifting away from the hustle and bustle of London towards the tranquillity of the south coast. Moreover, the holiday season often brings families together, fostering discussions about recalibrating life goals, including relocation plans for schooling and the lifestyle of living on the South Coast. 

Notably, Rightmove witnessed a substantial 21% rise in new sellers on Boxing Day compared to the previous year. This surge signals a growing number of individuals making it their New Year's resolution to embark on a move in 2023.

Tim Bannister, Rightmove's director of property data, shared insights into this flurry of activity, noting, "Traditionally, Boxing Day signifies a turning point as people transition from festive celebrations to focusing on their plans for the upcoming year. As January progresses and routines settle post-December break, we anticipate further increases in activity."

Bannister emphasised, "Despite the bustling market of 2023, we've observed even greater buyer demand between Boxing Day and the New Year this year, driven by a sustained eagerness to move. The surge in properties listed for sale on Boxing Day compared to last year reflects a fresh wave of sellers determined to make their move in 2024."

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