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The Brighton & Hove property market has changed drastically over the last decade and even more so over the past two years.


Brighton & Hove has enjoyed a well deserved growth in popularity as a prime choice of city to visit or relocate. Therefore, we have seen a consistent increase in house prices and buyers. This does not mean that selling in Brighton will always be straightforward. Data has shown that in a buoyant market, sales strategy is essential for achieving the best sale price for your property, making it vital that you choose a team with local experience and expertise, and a brand that compliments the value of your property.


What makes Knight & Knoxley a cut above the rest? 


  • We are more than just estate agents. Our team have vast experience in all areas of property development and renovation. We have personally dealt with and executed many local sales and projects, resulting in our exceptional working knowledge of all aspects relating to property.
  • Our brand will compliment your property. Our publications and marketing material are of the highest quality. We have always been on the forefront of technology. We are the most experienced company in Brighton for 3D virtual tours, having been the first to offer them to clients in the UK. We also have our own partner for drone photography, and we can film both inside and outside a property.
  • For us, a valuation is a tailored process. Data clearly shows that over-valuing a property is one of the worst marketing mistakes, especially in a buoyant market. Sadly, it is commonplace for estate agents to over-value your property to win business. At Knight & Knoxley we will never compromise on this and will alway listen to your needs as a vendor and advise you accordingly. Sales strategy is the key to achieving the best outcome for a sale and it has to be tailored specifically to your property and circumstances.
  • We have construction/renovation and interior design expertise and we are able to carry out these projects as a company, taking the stress away from you.
  • Most importantly, our values as a business. We value the local community and genuine engagement. We believe in encompassing a high level of efficiency and consideration in all that we do. We understand that buying/selling/renting or building can be stressful, but also joyful and often an emotional experience, whether it is saying goodbye to a property full of memories, or buying/renting to create new ones. We acknowledge the importance of these aspects relating to property transactions and always try and make it a unique experience.


Brighton & Hove has its challenges. That is why you need a dedicated and professional team on your side. In our city full of character we have a lot of Historic buildings. A good working knowledge of issues relating to this is often essential for dealing with buyers concerns or technical questions. Historic buildings have different building techniques, modifications, repairs, regulations and planning considerations. With extensive experience we know about layouts, common modification and improvements of buildings, and importantly we have a team of trusted professionals if any official advice is needed. Brighton & Hove has many apartments and conversions. There is a vast variety of leases/freehold structures, service charges, ground rents and clients frequently ask questions regarding these. We can answer these questions for you and for any prospective buyers of your property.


If you require our services, please call us on 01273 286666, email or feel free to drop by and say hello. We would love to hear from you, even if it is just a query.


Best Wishes


James Taylor 



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