As 2023 came to a close, the UK housing market was already seeing a return in demand and improving property prices, and a number of factors are set to positively influence the sector in the coming year.  The most recen... read more »
    Happy 2024 to all our esteemed clients and readers! As we step into this new year filled with hope and new beginnings, we at Knight & Knoxley are  greatly looking forward for the year ahead, ready to guide you through the exc... read more »
The housing market this year has been better than many predicted, with lower-than-expected falls in asking prices, and good levels of demand from home-buyers for the right-priced homes. However, rising mortgage and interest rates have stretched the a... read more »
Between Boxing Day and the onset of 2023, Rightmove experienced an unprecedented surge in home mover activity. Rightmove recorded a remarkable 23% increase in buyer interest during the recent festive season compared to the year before. This surge ... read more »
  When selling your home, one of the initial steps is often seeking a valuation to understand its market worth. Amidst this process, many homeowners wonder about the cost implications of seeking an estate agent's valuation. Let's delve into the... read more »
A growing number of property investors are considering the option of a new-build rather than a second-hand home, so what are the advantages?In the first half of 2023, around a quarter of all new-builds sold in the UK were snapped up by property inves... read more »
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